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We’re revolutionizing Mental Health and Autism Services for Children & Youth with our new three-year Strategic Plan

Over a period of six months in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic we undertook a collaborative strategic planning process. We were humbled and inspired by the high levels of engagement throughout this process. We are grateful to the children and youth, their families, care givers and those that support them in their care journey, health professionals, internal and external stakeholders and community and system partners who have shared their input and experiences. These diverse and valued voices have informed the development of a bold and innovative strategic plan that will change the way we work but also will affirm our commitment to social accountability, anti-oppression, and anti-racism.

Our Vision

Inclusion. Acceptance. A Life Without Barriers!

Our vision speaks to our desire to transform and enhance the child and youth mental health and autism spectrum disorder landscape in Ontario. We are successful when we provide an equitable and accessible space and expand our reach to advance efforts to revolutionize child and youth mental health and autism spectrum disorder.

Our Mission

Making a difference. Changing lives.
Creating healthy communities.

Maltby is uniquely positioned to create passion and excellence in the services we provide to our clients. We will continue our efforts to provide innovative, relevant and impactful programming, and support our families and care providers through collaboration and knowledge mobilization. We see our role as one of bringing system level change to the child and youth mental health and autism spectrum disorder landscape in Ontario. We want to empower and support children and youth and those that support them in their journey, so that they feel that they make a difference, and that they have changed their life and ultimately helped in the creation of a healthy KFL&A and healthy Ontario.

Our Values

Inclusive • Compassionate • Accountable • Respect • Excellence

Our values represent the culture, norms, and attitudes that we want to see reflected throughout our workplace. Our goal is for each individual who represents Maltby to live and breathe these values, through our everyday interactions and our collective work. Together, we will live these words through our actions.

Our Strategic Pillars & Strategic Initiatives

Our Strategic Pillars and Strategic Initiatives reflect the most important areas of focus for Maltby over the next three years. These priorities reflect what we have heard from our key stakeholders as the most valuable functions in supporting and advancing the work of Maltby.


Strategic Pillar #1: Access

Strategic Result: Provide the right supports and services at the right time and in the right place.

Strategic Pillar #2: Inspired People

Strategic Result: Be a competitive practice destination and a recognized community care employer of choice.

Strategic Pillar #3: Operational Excellence

Strategic Result: Deliver quality, efficient and effective systems and services that demonstrate a clear, positive impact for our diverse mental health and autism spectrum disorder clients.

Strategic Pillar #4: Partnerships and System Integration

Strategic Result: Continue to build exceptional partnerships to create a thriving, high performing care delivery system for mental health and autism spectrum disorders in the region and beyond.

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