What is it?

A variety of skill building groups for children and youth age 6-18 years old are offered throughout the year at our centre. These groups include play skills for young children, social skills groups for all ages, emotional regulation groups, and workshops for teens on relevant topics. Caregivers are guided in supporting and extending their child or youth’s learning in a variety of environments. Each group of up to 8 participants is facilitated by two highly-trained Autism Services staff and consists of 6 two hour sessions. Groups are aimed to support children and youth based on their readiness and similar needs.

Where: Maltby Centre: 31 Hyperion Court., Kingston, ON

How do I apply?

Download and fill out the application here and submit to autism@maltbycentre.ca or drop off a paper copy to 31 Hyperion Court., Suite 100, Kingston ON K7K 7G3.

What is the cost? $220

Frequently Ask Questions:

How do I know if my child is ready for group?
We will help you determine if they are ready. Some children and youth are not ready for a group, which is why we ask all families to complete the application package to help us understand your child’s needs and readiness.

How do I know if my child’s been selected for this group?
We review all requests and inform families that applications have been received. You will be contacted when a suitable group is available for your child or youth.

For questions or additional information regarding the program please contact 613-546-8535 ext. 5426.

Helping Families Like Yours is Our Priority

With the transition to the new Ontario Autism Program, we are in the process of determining which services we will be offering in addition to Behavioral Services. If you are a parent or caregiver, please complete our survey so that we can understand which services would be the most beneficial to you.

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