Getting Started

Where to start? Getting an Autism diagnosis for your child can be a challenge. Here, our experts give you a place start on everything from how to register with the Ontario Autism program to getting a tax credit.

OAP Numbers

Ontario Autism Program numbers are a reference number you receive once you have registered with and have had your application processed by the Ontario Autism Program. You can used your OAP number to access free Foundational Services which are designed to help parents increase their understanding of Autism, Applied Behaviour Analysis and other techniques used to work with children and youth who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. We’d be happy to answer your questions about the OAP, just contact us.

Free Foundational Services

These are services offered to parents by the Maltby Centre and other providers. These services are designed to increase your understanding of Autism, ABA and other common techniques used to help children and youth with Autism develop and grow. At the Maltby Centre our Foundational Services include 1-1 consults with Family Support Workers who can help you access resource and overcome hurdles you may be facing. We also offer dozens of workshops across a variety of topics that may be of interest to you. If you have questions about free Foundational Services, just contact us.

Special Services At Home

SSAH is a provincial funding source that is typically used to pay for respite services for caregivers. There is no income requirement for this funding and anyone with a child who has an exceptionality is eligible. The funds are held in trust for caregivers and you are expected to pay for respite out of your own pocket and then apply for reimbursement from the government from predetermined amount of money. Maltby Centre Family Support Coordinators can help you apply for this benefit.

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities

ACSD is a provincial funding source that can be used to cover expenses related to traveling to and from appointments related to your child’s diagnosis. The funding will also cover some of the cost related to clothing, laundry, special diets, respite, summer camps and other expenses. There is an income cap regarding this funding and depending on the size of the family you may not qualify if you make more than $70,000per year as a household. Maltby Centre Family Support Coordinators can help you apply for this benefit. Just contact us.

Disability Tax Credit

The DTC is a type of funding offered to Canadians via the federal government. This funding will give you money back each year on your taxes to help offset the cost of having a child with exceptionalities. Any doctor or equivalent may complete this form but most parents ask the doctor that diagnosis’s their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder to complete the form. If you are eligible for the DTC you qualify automatically for the Child Disability Benefit and may access the Registered Disability Savings Plan with your local financial institution.


Respite refers to having another person provide care for your child temporarily so that you may receive a break and your child may access more time at events or activates they enjoy. Anyone can provide respite for your family including Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and neighbours! You may also hire a specialized worker to provide respite for you. Respite may take place in your home or in the community. Funding, such as Special Services At Home, will help cover the cost of paying a respite provider. To learn more about respite please connect with us. We’ll walk you through it.

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