Indigenous Youth Suicide Prevention Resources

Indigenous Story Studio just found out that their motion comics, based on suicide prevention graphic novels that they created for the Government of Alberta – Tomorrow’s Hope and Strength of the Sash – have been selected to screen at the 45th Annual American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco. This is the third time their suicide prevention work has been recognized. The first being the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention’s President’s Award and a nomination for best animated short at the same festival for Darkness Calls in Gitxsan ( – funded by the BC Ministry of Health). Previews and pricing for the graphic novels can be found at


Gladue Rights Teacher’s Guide

A couple years ago, Indigenous Story Studeo created a graphic novel for Legal Aid BC on Gladue Rights. Since then Legal Aid has created a teacher’s guide and published it at for free download. The story they created, called A Second Chance, can be found at


CMHA – Mental Health and Wellness Services for Indigenous Children and Youth

Wellness in Indigenous communities and cultures is about being in balance and harmony. Wellness focuses on strengths rather than deficits or weaknesses. It is about being connected to family, community and nature. This is in contrast to some mainstream or North American treatment models that focus more on people as individuals, separate from their community.  CMHA lists a number of applicable services focused on health and wellness for Indigenous Children and Youth on this webpage.


Government of Canada

Update on COVID-19 in Indigenous Communities

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