Alcohol, Drugs And Mental Issues Stemming From Coronavirus-related Social Issues

The Treatment Specialist — Information on the most common reactions to Coronavirus, the increase in mental health issues during the pandemic, and the steps you can take.  Written by mental health advocate Simon Choi.

Alcohol Help Centre

The 18 question CYD survey is anonymous and has been designed to help you, your loved ones or your health care professional answer some questions about drinking. When you have finished the test you can print your Final Report or email your Final Report directly to yourself or your health care professional.


Canadian Addiction Counsellors

Free Addictions Counselling 9am-9pm, 7 days a week. Counselling via phone, videoconference or chat.


Centre for Addictions and Mental Health

Challenging Worries and Anxious Thoughts_CAMH


Saying When

Free downloadable iTunes app developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health that helps you quickly identify your patterns and triggers around alcohol, and develop your own immediate doable goals to change your alcohol consumption.


RCMP Youth Trends report Spring 2020

The Youth Trends Report is compiled by the RCMP National Youth Services. This report aims to inform frontline officers and persons working with youth ages 13 to 21 about topics that are currently popular among this age group.


Youth Diversion

Live information sessions for Cannabis, Alcohol, Opiates and Nicotine on the Youth Diversion Facebook Page
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