Safety Alert: Your computer can be monitored by your abuser and is impossible to clear your tracks completely. If you are afraid your internet activity might be monitored, call the Assaulted Women’s Helpline, free at 1-866-863-0511 or TTY 1-866-863-7868

#No Excuse for Abuse

The #NoExcuseForAbuse website includes: 

  1. A compilation of key resources & information on the links between COVID-19 and abuse
  2. list of support resources for people living with abuse
  3. Guidance on how to offer support to people living with abuse, including the #NoExcuseForAbuse Tip Sheet
  4. Zoom meeting background images that include the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Violence at Home Signal for Help, (The idea is that the Zoom meeting backgrounds can function as a silent way to signal to people in your online meetings that if they are living with abuse, they can reach out to you for support.)


Kingston Interval House

Kingston Interval House is an Emergency Shelter and Second Stage Housing facility for women, children and youth experiencing violence

CRISIS LINE 1-800-267-9445


Lennox & Addington Interval House

At Lennox & Addington Interval House we can provide you with a safe shelter, transitional housing, and a 24 hour crisis line in case of emergencies. In addition, we can help you gather the necessary information regarding referral and advocacy, information, support, counselling, safety planning, and an end to isolation through our resources page.

CRISIS LINE 1-800-667-1010


Luke’s Place

Updates about Family Law Supports in Ontario

Toolkit for Frontline Workers– Covid-19 Gender based violence and family law toolkit for frontline workers



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