How We Work

A Clear Understanding of Your Concerns
Whether you have your first conversation with the Maltby Centre by phone or in person, our first task together is to make sure we understand the nature of your mental health concerns. We complete an initial assessment that helps guide decisions about treatment options that make the most sense for you or your child.

Plan Development
Depending on the kinds of mental health issues identified, there is a range of mental health service options available, from single sessions to intensive in-home services. Your plan will identify the issues you hope to resolve, what method(s) will be used, and what outcomes you can expect.

Receiving Services
Your Mental Health Counsellor will help guide your journey through treatment and evaluate whether services are helping resolve the issues that brought you to us. When extra resources are needed, we will help put those in place.

On Track
Once you are on track and able to manage the mental health issues that brought you to the Maltby Centre to begin with, services will wrap up. Note you can always call back when you need us again. We will be here for you.

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