Autism Services: POWER-Solving Group-Introduction

POWER-Solving is a research-based, social skills curriculum designed to teach children to become independent problem-solvers. The 5 POWER-Solving steps are taught through hands-on, engaging materials, providing children with essential skills to navigate challenging social situations. This Introduction to POWER-Solving group focuses on teaching the five steps of POWER-Solving and how to apply this to an infinite number of social situations throughout their lives. Once children have completed this group, they are eligible to enroll in other POWER-Solving Groups with a focus on applying these skills to tackle Anger Management, Developing Friendships and Social Conversations.

Who is Eligible for POWER-Solving?

This group is currently being offered to children 7 to 11 years of age, with an ASD diagnosis.

Commitment to POWER-Solving:

 Parent Sessions focus on:

 Group Dates:

Children: Begins September 21st – until October 26th – Wednesday evenings 5:00pm-6:30pm at Hyperion Court

Parent: Begins September 22nd until October 27th – Thursday evenings 6:00-6:30 Virtual (Zoom)

* Please note, more group dates and times may be offered if many children are interested.

For Further Information:

Registration: Please email Intake applications will be distributed to all interested parties at a later date to help determine eligibility and appropriateness for this group. If this group is not the best fit for you and your child, you will be contacted further with a rationale, and other possible options.

Cost: $620.00 Payment must be received in full prior to the start of group.

Location: This group will be held at the Maltby Centre, Suite 100-31 Hyperion Court, Kingston ON, K7K 7G3

Requirements: To access this group, your child/youth requires an ASD diagnosis and must be within the identified age range. Participants must be able to wear a mask for the duration of the group.

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