Client Spotlight: Jassy Adams

Maltby Centre works hard to provide the best supports we can, but our clients are the ones who put in the hard work to make those changes a reality. That’s why our clients are our heroes. In our “Client Spotlight”, we tell their stories in their owns words. 

Meet Jassy Adams

My younger years are kind of a blur. Growing up I didn’t have proper supports, which led to behavioural issues where I acted out of anger and defiance. School wasn’t going well and I was heading down a bad path.

When Jen and Tammy, my Maltby Counsellors, came into my life I finally felt like I could trust someone and that they believed in me. I always had an issue with people trying to control my life or tell me what to do, and Maltby actually asked me how they could help me.

Maltby got me into their NEXUS program and that’s when things really started turning around for me. They helped me take my weaknesses at the time, like my defiance, and turn them into strengths, like standing up for what I believe in.

Now, at age 23, I’m very hopeful about the future. I’m a few weeks away from graduating the Social Service program at St. Lawrence College. I’ve become very involved in the Kingston community and have planned 4 big events about causes I believe in. And I just landed my dream job working with youth as a Site Support Worker at Pathways to Education!

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