Autism Services – PEERS Group

PEERS – The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills

What is PEERS?

The PEERS ® curriculum is an evidence-based social skills training for adolescents and teens with
autism spectrum disorder. There are two distinct sessions per week, which involve either the
parent/caregivers or the youth/teens. Please note, parent participation and youth/teen motivation to
participate is an essential piece of this group service. Newly learned skills are rehearsed by participant
in session through structured socialization activities and feedback is delivered by the therapists
synchronously. Participants learn a variety of important social skills across the 14-week duration and
are encouraged and supported to transfer skills learned in group into their everyday lives, including
how to:
• Use appropriate conversational skills;
• Use humor appropriately;
• Use electronic communication;
• Enter & exit conversations;
• Be a good host during get-togethers;
• Be a good sport;
• Handle arguments and disagreements;
• Change a bad reputation;
• Handle rumors and gossip;
• Handle rejection, teasing and bullying.

Who is Eligible for PEERS®?

This group is being offered to teens (13-17) diagnosed with ASD and their parents.

Commitment to PEERS®

Parents and Teens will be asked to attend 14 separate 1.5-hour (Teen) or 1-hour (Parent) sessions every week, via zoom – a total of 21 hours (teen) and 14 hours (parent/caregiver)

Teen Sessions focus on:
• Learning new social skills,
• Strengthening existing skills
• Building positive relationships with others

Parent Sessions focus on:
• Building parent capacity to support teens through the social development process


Group Dates:
Weeks of November 15th, 2021 – Week of February 28th, 2022
Parents: Tuesdays 5:00—6:00
Teens: Thursdays 5:00—6:30

For Further Information:


This is a virtual group offered on Zoom. Links to join on your phone, tablet, or computer will be sent a day prior to each session.


To access this group, your child requires an ASD diagnosis and must be within the identified age range.


$1800.00 Payment must be received in full prior to the start of group.


Please email Intake applications will be distributed to all interested parties at a later date, to help determine eligibility and appropriateness for this group. If this group is not the best fit for you and your teen, you will be contacted further with a rationale, and other possible options.

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