What the latest Autism announcement means for Maltby Centre

Hello Parents and Caregivers,

 As many of you are aware, the MCCSS made a major announcement regarding the Ontario Autism Program on Monday July 29th, 2019. While the announcement has been detailed on the ministry website, we also wanted to reach out on behalf of Maltby Centre to help you understand what the next few months will look like.

Summarizing the Ministry Announcement

The newly-appointed Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, Todd Smith, said he has heard the message that experts, advocates, and families of children with autism believe the program must be needs-based. The Autism Advisory Panel has been tasked with recommending a needs-based program by this fall, with the new program ultimately being implemented by April 2020. The names and descriptions of the 20-member panel are linked here.

What does this mean for right now?

For families who are already in-service at Maltby Centre:

Families will continue to receive services until the end date of their current Behaviour Plan with Maltby Centre and will be able to extend their plan with us for up to another 6 months as clinically recommended.

For families who are waiting for Childhood Budgets:

The ministry will continue to issue Childhood Budgets for families who are waiting for services. All families new to autism services (not on our waitlist or in service as of April 1, 2019) should call the MCCSS directly to apply for a Childhood Budget: 1-888-444-4530.

For families who have received Childhood Budgets or interested in fee for service options:

The Maltby Centre has Autism services ready and available for purchase. Those interested in purchasing Autism services through Maltby Centre can contact our Family Support Coordinators to learn more at 1-844-855-8340 or visit our website.

What does this mean for April 2020?

While we cannot predict what the final program will look like, we remain committed to adapting to these future changes as best and as quickly as we can so that we can continue to meet the needs of our families and children with autism.

We are here for you.

We know this has been a stressful year for our autism families, and that there is still a lot of uncertainty. Please feel free to reach out to our Family Support team free of charge. Our Family Support Coordinators are Autism experts and will do their best to answer questions, help guide families through this transition, and provide helpful resources and tips. Call us at 1-844-855-8340 to schedule an appointment or just to chat over the phone.

We will continue to share our monthly newsletters to keep you up-to-date as these changes unfold.


Nicki Collins                       Margaret Bissell

Executive Director           Clinical Director of Autism Services

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