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Client Taxi Service Changes


To: All Clients of Maltby Centre
Date: June 8, 2023
Re: Client Taxi Service

Maltby Centre will be changing its process of providing taxi services for our clients.

Effective June 16, 2023, Maltby Centre can no longer provide the same level of support that we have in the past for taxi services due to the budgetary constraints
of our funding.

This means that clients will no longer be able to charge taxi costs to Maltby Centre’s account.

We recognize that this is a change and for some clients, a significant one. After this date, to support clients to access services, Maltby Centre can:

  • Offer clients a virtual appointment.
  • Meet with clients at their home or in the community near their home/school.
  • Support clients using public transportation with a Maltby Centre provided bus pass. If required, a staff member may accompany the client to help familiarize them with public transit.

Those clients approved for taxi services will now need to call into Maltby Centre reception to request this service.

Taxi services will not be provided for distances greater than 25 km one way.