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Maltby Express Newsletter – March 21, 2023

March 21, 2023
Inclusion. Acceptance. A Life Without Barriers.
In This Issue

– Our new website and Youth Portal launch March 31!
– Autism Services, Family Services Workshops
– Emotional Regulation Support Workshop
– Community Autism Behavioural Services for Spring 2023
– Just Be. 2SLGBTQ+ services at Maltby Centre
– Welcome to the Autism Behaviour Classroom
– Group Stepping Stones course
– Join our Family Advisory Committee
– Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour Workshop
– Maltby Wellbeing Project Podcast coming in April
– April 12th, 2023, the International Day of Pink

News & Opinions

– Teen girls bear worst of mental health crisis
– Worried about child’s mental health? You’re not alone.
– All Work, No Independent Play Cause of Youth Declining Mental Health

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