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Groups offered through Maltby Centre’s Autism Services

Welcome to our dynamic community! At our Centre, we believe in the power of collective learning and growth. Our group sessions operate on a rolling registry, ensuring that as soon as we reach an optimal number of eager participants, we spring into action! Once one of our groups reaches enrolment capacity, we swiftly organize and set the stage for an enriching journey starting in as little as 4 weeks’ time.  Groups run Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings, between 4pm and 8pm.

Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your child’s spot and be part of one or more of our vibrant cohorts. Join us on this exciting path to discovery and watch your child flourish in a supportive and engaging environment.

Questions? For more information please reach out to our Intake Coordinator[email protected].

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Groups for Learners 6 – 10

Be Cool: Understanding Anger

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The Circles Program – Rules of Social Boundaries

Cost: $850

Sports and Games

Cost: $450

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Coping with Teasing and Bullying

Cost: $400

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Secret Agent Society

Cost: $1000

The 1 hour-a-week evidence-based curriculum captivates children with its espionage-themed games and activities. The program was developed to teach children aged 8 to 10 with Autism to learn how to:

  • Recognize emotions in themselves and others
  • Express their feelings in appropriate ways
  • Cope with feelings of anger and anxiety
  • Communicate and play with others
  • Cope with mistakes, transitions, and challenges
  • Build and maintain friendships
  • Solve social problems
  • Prevent and manage bullying and teasing
  • Acknowledge their personal strengths
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Cyber Safety (5 Sessions)

Cost: $350

Welcome to Cyber Safety, a 1.15-hour virtual group designed for children aged 9 to 12, aimed at fostering safe and positive online experiences. In this digital journey, your child will explore essential skills and knowledge crucial for navigating the online world responsibly.

Throughout these engaging sessions, your child will:

  • Gain insights into online privacy concepts and learn actionable steps to protect their privacy and well-being when faced with breaches.
  • Develop crucial tools for appropriate online responses across various situations, ensuring a positive and respectful online presence.
  • Hone the ability to recognize and understand the emotions of others during online interactions, fostering empathy and healthy communication.
  • Acquire the skills to identify and handle unsafe content, comments, or advances, empowering them to navigate online challenges confidently.

Children’s Friendship Program

Cost: $1000

Throughout the program, your child will master an array of invaluable skills, including:

  • Creating positive first impressions
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations with peers
  • Discovering common interests to foster connections
  • Practicing fairness and graciousness in winning or losing
  • Resolving conflicts amicably
  • Coping with rejections, teasing, and bullying
  • Seamlessly joining peers in play activities
  • Hosting successful playdates
  • Demonstrating respect towards both peers and adults
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The Life Smart Series for Youth 11 – 17

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People Smart

Cost: $500

Throughout this interactive program, participants will explore:

  • Effective techniques for meeting new people and initiating connections.
  • Strategies to transform acquaintances into genuine friendships.
  • Ways to deepen existing friendships, fostering stronger bonds.
  • Differentiating between friendliness and true friendship.
  • Safety measures to steer clear of potential trouble with strangers.
  • Insights into becoming socially adept and engaging.

Money Smart

Cost: $500

Our Money Smart Teens group is dedicated to empowering young minds with the skills to master intelligent shopping and financial management. Join us in this transformative journey where youth aged 11-17 will gain the tools for a future of financial freedom and smart money handling.

Throughout our engaging 1.5 hour sessions, teens will:

  • Explore savvy shopping techniques and intelligent spending practices.
  • Learn strategies to manage their funds efficiently, granting them greater financial independence.
  • Dive into weekly money smart topics through interactive activities, insightful videos, and real-life scenarios, all aimed at demonstrating smart decision-making with money.
  • Engage in vibrant group discussions and immersive role-playing exercises, providing practical experience in responding to various financial situations.
  • Resisting impulse buying and avoiding compulsive shopping habits.
  • Cultivating smart spending habits and avoiding being extravagant.
  • Becoming a discerning and informed shopper.
  • Mastering budget management and preventing overspending.
  • Developing awareness to avoid scams or deceptive practices.
  • Learning effective ways to save while making purchases.
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Date Smart

Cost: $850

Join us as we explore essential strategies to navigate the complexities of dating, focusing on safety, boundaries, and fostering healthy relationships. For teens aged 14 to 17 our DateSmart program is an empowering journey toward safe and healthy dating practices.  Each youth session is followed by a 30-minute parent/caregiver session that shares the information covered and how they can support their child in developing further these skills.

Throughout our engaging 1.5 hr sessions, participants will:

  • Learn vital information on safe dating practices and minimizing potential risks.
  • Discover the importance of setting and protecting boundaries for healthy relationships.
  • Focus on making informed choices to steer clear of impulsive and risky behaviours.
  • Engage in weekly DateSmart topics, interactive videos, and practical demonstrations to avoid and address potential dating challenges.
  • Participate in lively group discussions and immersive role-playing exercises, offering real-world scenarios to practice response strategies.
  • Understanding, setting, and protecting personal boundaries.
  • Developing DateSmart practices for safer dating experiences.
  • Making informed and responsible choices in dating situations.
  • Learning to listen for and respect personal boundaries and boundaries of others.

Job Readiness (8 Sessions)

Cost: $800

Welcome, teens seeking job readiness skills, to our Job Ready program—an empowering journey towards employment preparedness! Join us as we embark on a transformative path designed to equip you with practical skills and confidence to kickstart your job search journey.

Throughout our engaging 1.5 hr sessions, participants will:

  • Explore and understand their unique skills, interests, strengths, and areas for improvement, setting the foundation for confident job applications and interviews.
  • Navigate the job market with ease, learning effective job search strategies and where to find opportunities.
  • Master the art of crafting impressive cover letters and resumes that stand out to potential employers.
  • Hone interview preparation skills, from planning and practicing to excelling in the interview room.
  • Dive into the essential dos and don’ts of interviews, ensuring a confident and impactful performance.
  • Embrace workplace etiquette, learning the key principles of professional conduct and behaviour.
  • Self-discovery to identify individual skills, interests, strengths, and areas for growth.
  • Job application strategies and effective search techniques.
  • Crafting impactful cover letters and resumes.
  • Interview preparation and mastering interview etiquette for success.
  • Understanding workplace etiquette and professional behaviour.
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Fly’n Solo (12 Sessions)

Cost: $1350

Introducing “Flying Solo,” a transformative group program crafted specifically for autistic youth! We understand the importance of nurturing independence and real-life skills essential for navigating the world confidently.  These active 1.5 hour group sessions encompass the following and more!

Our experienced team provides tailored support for each participant, fostering growth in a safe, inclusive environment.

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