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Kick Back, Share and Chat: Autism Services Parent Group

Maltby Centre is now offering a series of workshops for parents, caregivers, and youth! Our workshops are designed to help families understand concepts related to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), access resources, and increase overall parent/ youth capacity. This online workshop is for parents living in Ontario with a valid OAP registration number.

This is a time for parents and caregivers to exhale and connect with others over a meaningful topic where you are encouraged to share your experiences—the highs and the lows. The group will have a Maltby Family Support Coordinator to help facilitate discussion, provide resources, and ensure the experience is safe, confidential, meaningful, and an enjoyable reprieve for all in group.

Requirements: To access this group, or a follow-up session, you will need a valid Ontario Autism Program Reference number. If you do not have an OAP Reference number please contact the Maltby Centre at 613-546-8535 and ask to speak to a Family Support Coordinator. This is a free group.

Please note registration closes April 18, 2024.




5:30 PM - 6:30 PM


Maltby Centre Kingston
31 Hyperion Court Suite 100


Maltby Centre
[email protected]