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We believe children and youth experiencing mental health or autism concerns deserve access to evidence-based tools to help them and their families take better control of their life.


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  • "When Jen and Tammy, my Maltby Counsellors, came into my life I finally felt like I could trust someone and that they believed in me. I always had an issue with people trying to control my life or tell me what to do, and Maltby actually asked me how they could help me."
    Jassy Adams, Former Client
  • "I HAVE THE BEST COUNSELLOR IN ONTARIO. So grateful for all this service has given back to me in my life and aided me in fighting against anxiety and depression to reach my full potential."
  • "My counsellor has been amazing helping us work with our son. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and the counsellor has been essential in figuring things out to better understand and help our son."
  • "I was so happy with both the individual services I received as a parent and the COPE group support sessions - very valuable for ANY parent, especially those with children who have some challenging behaviour."
  • "My Counsellors have helped me better understand and overcome a lot of struggles and difficulties in the road & now thanks to them I couldn’t be happier! Life is 99% better! (only because nothing’s perfect)"

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Attention Youth - If you are between the ages of 12 to 18, you are eligible to receive confidential counselling with no parental consent.

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