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We believe children and youth experiencing mental health or autism concerns deserve access to evidence-based tools to help them and their families take better control of their life.
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“I thought Autism defined me, but Autism is its own definition and I define myself now. I learned that I can be a voice for people with Autism when they don’t have a voice.”

Mental Health Services – Preparing for September!

What to expect? – Weekly virtual and interactive group for parents of kids 12+ – How to approach the start of the new school year…

Maltby Centre sees an increase in demand for child and youth mental health care

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Sydenham: Maltby Centre is gradually reopening in-person services

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Maltby Centre is gradually reopening in-person services!

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The New MENtality: A Conference on Men’s Mental Health

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Parenting Your Anxious Child (Ages 7+)

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