Maltby Centre Mental Health Services

Who is Eligible?
All children and youth, from birth to 18 years of age and living inKFL&A, are eligible for the Maltby Centre mental health services. If you are a student attending high school, you are eligible up to the age of 21.

Who Can Call the Maltby Centre?
• Any child or youth who thinks they might want to connect with services
• A parent or caregiver worried about a child’s mental health
• A physician or professional who wants to help someone access our services

How Do I Get Started?
Visit one of our Walk In Clinics or call 613.546.8535 or 1.844.855.8340 or fill out an online request for services form.

We try to answer every call. If we do not, leave a message, including the best way to reach you, and we will call back as soon as possible.

Other ways to get in touch:
• Use our online request for services form
• Visit one of our walk-in clinics.  Here is the Walk In Clinic registration form that you can print off and complete to bring with you if you wish. Walk-In Clinic Registration Form
• Ask your school staff who can help connect you to our mental health counsellors or quick response services
• Talk to your family doctor who will then help get the referral process underway

Find Mental Health Resources Now
613.546.8535 | 1.844.855.8340

Meet one of The Maltby Centre Team members who makes a difference

Doug Hawley
Community Counsellor, Brief Services / Quick Response

“Knowing that I can be a small part in making healthy changes in children’s and families lives is why I do what I do.”

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