Please see Workshops Calendar: Winter 2021
Foundational Family Services

Brief Targeted Consultation
We offer sessions with our autism specialists (Family Support Coordinators) by appointment. These specialists provide consultation and coaching to families regarding approaches to learning in areas such as daily living skills including self-care; community skills, toileting, communication, and simple Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) based strategies to encourage adaptive behaviours. Specialists also may help families with accessing community services.

Foundational Family Support Workshops (one or two hours) 
Workshops are provided free of charge to families with an OAP number who reside in Ontario.  Family Support Coordinators with experience providing service to children and youth on the autism spectrum and their parents, provide workshops on key topics to build parent capacity.  Parents and caregivers have the opportunity to book a follow-up 1:1 session with a Family Support Coordinator, after attending a workshop, to troubleshoot the application of workshop skills/content to their family.  Workshops are ongoing, for the most up to date schedule please see the current and/or future Workshop Calendar.

Examples of common workshop topics include:

  • General Topics of All Ages:
    • – Introduction to ABA, ASD, Maltby Centre Autism Services
    • – Challenging behavior, sleep
    • – Accessing respite
    • – Visual Supports
  • Workshops for Families of Young Children
    • – Play skills
    • – Communication
    • – Toileting
    • – Social skills
  • Workshops for Families of Youth
    • – Social skills
    • – Transition to Adulthood
    • – Teenagers, ASD, and friendships


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Workshops Calendar Winter 2021

Below are links to online workshops and presentations from our experienced team of autism specialists. These videos are free for caregivers to watch at home when it’s most convenient for you. If you have questions about any of the topics covered in our videos, do not hesitate to reach out!

  1. Structured Learning at Home – Introduction
  2. Structured Learning at Home – Sock Matching
  3. Structured Learning at Home – Getting Dressed to Go Outside
  4. Structured Learning at Home – Sorting by Colour or Words
  5. Structured Learning at Home – Matching Skills
  6. Structured Learning at Home – Memory
  7. Structured Learning at Home – Car Play and Hockey


Other Services
Individuals or groups may request specific services from our Clinical Team and we will tailor services to their needs based on our expertise. We have an experienced team of autism specialists, including Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. Specific requests may include clinics at a location more convenient for a group of families; training for professionals; and Behavioural Assessments and Consultations.

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