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Announcing our monthly newsletter

Since the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) announced changes to the Ontario Autism Program on February 6, 2019, we know there has been a lot of uncertainty about what services we will continue to offer at Maltby Centre and the impact on families. For the next little while, we will be publishing a monthly newsletter in the hopes of clearing any confusion and keeping you informed of updates along the way.

What have we been up to the last few months?

The truth is, charging fees for Autism services is very new to us. We have been working hard to prepare ourselves for this change by:

– Working with families to determine which services would be most valuable to them.
– Determining the costs associated with those services and trying to keep those costs as low as we can.
– Preparing ourselves with the right equipment and systems that we need to be able to accept fees for service.

We have been making lots of progress that we want you to know about, which leads us to the next section of this newsletter…

What do you need to know?

Here are the 4 most important things we think you need to know this month:

1. Behaviour Plans are being extended for in-service clients.

As of April 1, 2019, the MCCSS has approved the extension of all Behaviour Plans for clients that are already in service for up to 6 months as clinically recommended.

2. The application process for Childhood Budgets through the MCCSS has started.

All families new to autism services (not on our waitlist or in service as of April 1, 2019) should call the MCCSS directly to apply for a Childhood Budget: 1-888-444-4530.

3. Our Family Support team is here to help your family free of charge.

Maltby Centre Family Support Coordinators are Autism experts and are available to meet free of charge. We can answer questions, help guide families through this transition, and provide resources and tips. Call us at 1-844-855-8340 to schedule an appointment or just to chat over the phone.

4. Families can now purchase Autism services at Maltby Centre.

Families interested in purchasing Autism services through Maltby Centre can contact our Family Support Coordinators to learn more at 1-844-855-8340 or visit our website.

Finally, thank you.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding, especially during transition and uncertainty. We hope this monthly newsletter provides more clarity going forward. We are a phone call away should you have further questions.


Nicki Collins

Executive Director

Margaret Bissell

Clinical Director of Autism Services

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